Created over thirty five years ago, Cantina Miglianico is a large consortium of small Italian farmers who carefully tend to the growing of Montepulciano grapes. These farmers have been growing the vines for years upon years in the traditional style as their forefathers grew them. The farmers found it hard to work on their own to produce this wonderful wine cost effectively, so they joined together to create Cantina Miglianico, now a separate entity which buys only the best Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes grown on hillside vineyards to produce their wine. Wines from this region have been raved about in literature from 210 B.C.! Polibio, a Greek historian, wrote about the travels of Annibale and his stop here in the Abruzzo region. All of his horses, animals and soldiers were dying from “la scabbia della fame,” the disease of hunger. But once the horses and men drank the wine from Abruzzo, they were completely cured!