Ch√Ęteau Petrus, which is located on a plateau in the eastern portion of Pomerol, Bordeaux, takes its name from the Latin version of St. Peter. Owned by the Arnaud family for the better part of 200 years, Petrus was sold to Madame Loubat around World War I. Upon her death in 1961, the estate passed to her family, who eventually sold it to Jean-Pierre Moueix. Jean-Francois Moueix, the son of Jean-Pierre Moueix, and his children, including Jean Moueix, own Petrus today.

Petrus makes only one wine. Olivier Berrouet has been the winemaker at Petrus since 2008, when he took over for his father, Jean-Claude Berrouet, who was the winemaker at Petrus from 1964 until his retirement. Petrus was among the first in Bordeaux to implement green harvesting as a way to lower crop yields and raise the quality of the remaining grapes. Today, the Petrus team pampers the vineyard all year long and proceeds to green harvest when necessary to obtain the best potential of the fruit. The grapes are hand-harvested over five to six days and fermented in temperature-controlled concrete tanks. The wine is aged in 50% or more new French oak for 15 to 18 months to avoid any excess of extraction.