Tip Top makes prepared classic cocktails that hit on all the notes of traditional recipes, offering modern drinkers a balanced beverage whenever and wherever.

In their previous lives, they were music industry veterans behind some of the largest festivals in the country. Along the way, they saw the demand for quality cocktails growing, but the careful preparation required to make one, made service in high volume environments pretty difficult. They dreamt about creating a world-class cocktail in an easy-to-serve vessel, thinking maybe they could help solve a problem for venues, events, restaurants, bars, airplanes, and regular folks at home on the couch. Eventually, their dream became a reality.

Tip Top has enlisted the help of James Beard finalist, Miles Macquarrie of Kimball House, to develop classic cocktail recipes and packaged them up to drink at any time and, just about, any place. Tip Top Proper Cocktails are always within reach, especially if a trusted bartender or fully-stocked bar are not.