Middle West Distillery, a fifteen-year-old Ohio distillery, lives at the intersection of artisanal mastery and scale. Rooted in the deep traditions of the American Midwest, this distillery serves as a beacon, showcasing the seamless integration of craftsmanship and innovation. Recently unveiling their impressive 75,000 square foot distillery on 14 acres in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, Middle West Distillery has become a symbol of commitment to the craft. Devoted to the production of distinctive spirits, their meticulous approach involves the sourcing of the finest ingredients and a dedication to the time-honored art of distillation. Deliberately selecting rich, flavorful grains, they create sought-after spirits, such as the deeply spiced and aromatic pumpernickel rye. In addition to an extensive portfolio of in-house spirits, Middle West Distillery collaborates with renowned whiskey bottlers.