Founded in 1870 in Alsace, Distillerie G.E. Massenez remains today one of the last family-owned firms dedicated to the production of traditional, top-quality eaux-de-vie (fruit brandies) and liquors. It is in fact this dedication to the ‘‘distillerie artisanale’’ which led Eugène Massenez to develop a formula for raspberry eau-de-vie and make it commercially available to an appreciative public worldwide. The distillation method is still a closely guarded family secret. Born in a family of distillers from father to son, G.E. Massenez with his exceptional savoir-faire continues with success the traditional art of distilling eaux de vie (fruit brandies) which is still particularly alive in the Villé region of Alsace in France. The distillation of high quality eaux-de-vie is not consistent with industrialization; thus Massenez has chosen to retain traditional methods. Only the best fruits are selected and stored in large fermentation vats prior to distillation. Following a careful and patient maturation over several years, the bottling is carried out. Uncompromising on quality, Massenez is today universally acclaimed for eaux-de-vie, such as wild Raspberry and Williams Pear, as well as for creams and liquors : Peach, Blackcurrant, etc. Massenez has won many awards at international exhibitions, including the world oscar for quality in 1980. These wonderful products are sold throughout the world, as 70% of the production is exported.