La Medida Mezcal (“the measure”) is a collaborative brand created by Julián Vidal Gómez Rodríguez, who has been one of the unsung icons of Oaxacan mezcal for over 40 years. Julian’s history reads like a narrative of the evolution of the modern mezcal industry, at a gradual transition in scale. Beginning with early commercialization decades ago, Julian witnessed firsthand the rise of industrial distillers like Monte Alban and Benevá; he left to help open the door to artisanal mezcal alongside Ron Cooper during the first years of Del Maguey, and eventually he moved on to co-found the tiny artisanal brand he operates today. Alongside his son, Julián works in concert with several highly regarded mezcaleros around Oaxaca (including the enigmatic legend Don Celso, who co-founded the brand) to showcase a diverse range of wild and cultivated single-varietal bottlings. We are thrilled and honored to introduce their life’s work to the US market!