With a mission to demystify tequila, Goza aims to make it approachable for all. Grown on their estate in the Highlands of Jalisco, this premium, craft tequila is made from hand-selected, non-GMO Blue Agave that is fertilized solely with organic fertilizer. The tequila is distilled on the same grounds at their distillery located in the city of Capilla de Guadalupe, in Jalisco. The freshly harvested Agave is immediately chopped into quarters and loaded into two twenty-two-ton autoclaves to begin the cooking process.

Armando, the Master Distiller, chooses to use an autoclave versus a traditional “horna” (wood burning oven), as he does not want to impart any outside flavor into the already perfectly delicious Agave. Most Tequila is distilled using traditional copper pot stills, similar to whisky stills. However, Goza is unique in that it uses six imported Alambic Armagnacais, which is a combination of a pot still and a column still. The name “Goza” itself signifies enjoyment, and true to its essence, the brand has masterfully crafted a tequila that can be savored by everyone