The story of Olaudah Equiano, the man, breathes life into our values as founders. It resonateswith each of us and demonstrates our belief and approach to making a difference in the world.Equality and diversity run deep in our business which is why we donate 5% of company profitsand £2 of every bottle purchased here to ground-level freedom and equality projects annually.The funds raised from every sale on this site go directly to The Equiano Rum Co FoundationGrant, which will support Anti-Slavery International throughout the next year.With the bold statement of being the world’s first African and Caribbean rum, we knew our nameneeded to respect the journey, provenance and quality of our liquid, marrying the old with thenew. We knew it had to mirror our own beliefs, creating positive change through the work thatwe do. Between his values, journey and impact, we feel great pride and honour in his nameadorning our bottle. Equiano’s values distill our beliefs perfectly and that is why we’re giving 5%of company profits and £2/$2 of every bottle purchased here to ground-level freedom andequality projects annually, and celebrating a man who we all aspire to be more like.