Guyanese-style rum – that’s what Todd Thrasher, the celebrated barman-turned-rum-distiller calls his new brand, Thrasher’s Rum. Rich, oaky, and molasses-based, it draws inspiration fromThrasher’s countless rum-sodden adventures throughout the South Pacific during his formative time as a divemaster. Thrasher’s Rum is produced in the urban, waterfront Potomac Distilling Company and served at his bar Tiki TNT, situated along DC’s District Wharf. It is available in four signature styles – Gold, White, Spiced, and Green Spiced – and sold at the distillery. Thrasher’s Rum brings a distinct English Caribbean-style of rum to America, a rare occurrence for a country that historically relies on rum to be imported. Located in Washington DC at the new development: The Wharf, Potomac Distilling Company is currently producing four different types of rums: White, Spiced, Green Spiced, and Coconut.