Domaines Chermette, family estate in Saint-Vérand, in the Golden Stone area, South of Beaujolais in Rhone. Combining tradition and innovation, Martine, Pierre-Marie and Jean-Etienne Chermette are fully involved in the production of authentic, high quality wines. White, red and Beaujolais rosé, crus such as Brouilly, Fleurie, Moulin-à-Vent, Saint-Amour, Crémants de Bourgogne as well as hand crafted fruit liqueurs, cassis and vine peach with ginger make up the range.

The Chermette family has always been passionate about the art of making wine and its motto is the following. The art of making wine the closest to the grape. Both in terms of vine growing and winemaking, Pierre-Marie and Jean-Etienne Chermette seek to be as less interventionist as possible. They respect the terroir which can thus be expressed in each cuvee in an authentic way.