This rum is made from 100% fresh pressed juice from estate grown sugarcane in the valley just south of Volcán de Tequila. Wood fermented and copper pot distilled, this ron agrícola is a delightful sipper. Versatile and fresh, this rum will lend an elegant signature to a daiquiri while inspiring bold and creative cocktails.

Mónica Baeza started this new project as a tribute to her mother, Martha. It was Martha who changed the course of family dynamics in a way that empowered all the children equally. The result was life changing for Mónica, giving her a path forward that she has forever been grateful for. She transformed Hacienda el Carmen from an antique landmark to luxury hotel and spa. Now, she has taken their family history of farming sugar cane and started a new adventure – distilling ron agrícola!

Mónica created Pelacañas so that she can pass on this legacy to her daughters as her mother had passed it on to her. Gaby and Moní carry the same humble honor as they embark on this family business together. With respect for the land and those who work it, they continue to support each other, the community, and the family of Hacienda el Carmen.