Pal’alma is the export brand for Almamezcalera, the bottling label from Mexico City’s notorious “Indiana Jones of Agave”, Erick Rodriguez. Equal parts historian and adventurer, Erick travels to remote production sites all over Mexico.

Deeply committed to local traditions and rooted in rustic ingenuity, Erick’s collaborators are all bona fide local legends in their own right. Working with just a single mezcalero per state, including several states (such as Nuevo León and Sonora) not currently acknowledged under the “Mezcal” Denomination of Origin, Erick bottles tiny batches of truly thrilling, uncertified agave distillates. His selections are presented at his small, appointment-only tasting room and as exclusive batches at iconic venues like Omar Hernandez Gallery in Oaxaca and Pujol in Mexico City.

Anywhere Erik finds agave fields and a freshwater stream, there’s a good chance that someone is making mezcal nearby.