XORIGUER is the name of the old windmill, built in 1784, in which many generations of the Pons family had converted bushels of wheat into white flour. British sailors stationed on the island of Menorca in the 19th century craved gin, a spirit that had gained popularity in their home country, and thus began distilling it from local agriculture and imported juniper berries. The Pons family eventually gained recognition from the CEE as a Geographically Protected Gin, Xoriguer Gin or Gin de Mahon. It continues its family heritage in Ibiza today. Gin production began here centuries ago when this was a popular British outpost for the military. Since then, the local production of this one-of-a-kind gin has become a symbol of pride. Made through a direct fire copper pot distillation of local wine, botanical notes of juniper and lemon shine through the glossy surface. The majority of juniper is gathered wild from the neighboring mountains and is definitely the focus of the spirit. It’s oily, piney, and earthy, with notes of forest flowers, spring herbs, and hot sand, which elevate this to the extraordinary.