Hampden Estate is one the oldest sugar estates in Jamaica. The property was originally surveyed back in 1743 and from 1779 rum was being sold out of the ground floor of the Estate‚Äôs Great House. Renowned throughout Jamaica’s rum history for its full intensely flavorful pot still rums, it continues today to be the quintessential heavy pot rum of choice throughout Europe and other parts of the world. The high ester Hampden rums are legendary in the cane spirits community and have a very distinct flavor profile. The ester content is attained in fermentation unlike most distilleries, no commercial yeast is used during fermentation at Hampden. Fermentation lasts 7 days and is then left to settle for another 7, an eternity in the world of fermentation. The wash is then transferred to one of four Forsyths copper pot stills and distilled using traditional methods.

One of the most incredible distilleries not only in Jamaica, but in the world. Never been released under its own name. After 250 years, this is the 1st official Hampden Estate. It can be described as endemic rum because of its terroir and way of production. It is impossible to be reproduced anywhere else. Located in the Trelawny Parish, the area that historically represents the Grand Cru of Jamaica and is characterized by a superb biodiversity. Hampden Estate produces some of the best rum in the world, based on 5 objective criteria:

1. SPRING WATER: Throughout the production process, Hampden uses only water flowing from a natural source that
collects into an uncontaminated reservoir.
2. WILD FERMENTATION & ART OF HIGH ESTERS: Hampden runs an extremely long fermentation using natural
yeasts. Hampden preserves the art of High Ester and produces rums using the same, unique and secret methods since
the 18th century. The result is a spirit with unmistakable aromatic profile, thanks to a very high level of esters.
3. 100% POT STILL: Hampden rums are batch distilled only in double retort copper pot stills.
4. FULLY MATURED IN THE TROPICS: Hampden rums are aged for a full 7 years in the tropical climate which is
comparable to an average of 25 years aging in continental Europe.
5. NATURAL COLOR & SUGAR FREE: Hampden distillery does not need to add anything to its rums.