It is not often that one can talk about the greatest producer in a given country (but Austria is small, so here one has an advantage). And while there are many great wine-makers in Austria, none is more synonymous with great Austrian wine than F.X. Pichler or as he is simply called, F.X.  In fact so riveting is his reputation that one author on Austrian wine who was prompted to list the 100 greatest producers in Austria, in order of greatness, lists F.X. Pichler as #1.  When one tastes the wines, you’ll see why they impress all.  They are truly monumental dry white wines – each with a mouth-filling presence, finish and complexity that leaves one speechless.  Since the late ’90s the wine-making has been done by his son, Lucas, who has now assumed the reins.   Riesling Smaragd Loibnerberg is the quintessence of rich, exotic multi-layered Riesling.  His Grüner Smaragd Kellerberg and Grüner “M” are the most rich and complex expression of this unique varietal one can attain.