Philippe Collotte–A tall, quiet man, looking a bit like Gary Cooper, but with a lot of passion to make superb wines just waiting to be unleashed. Producing lower yields, more selection before and at harvest, de-stemmed fruit, and for us he bottles everything unfiltered. His Bourgogne parcel was planted in 1947 and there are 4 parcels of 50 + year vines in his super-value Marsannay VV. The deep, rich wines produced by Philippe Collotte are some of the best kept secrets in our portfolio. There was a time when Domaine Collotte in Marsannay-la-Côte only had three hectares of vineyards. In recent years it has grown considerably. In 2015 there was 13 hectares under vines. In 2016 there was 15 hectares and in 2017 17 hectares.17 hectares is about as much as we can handle, says Isabelle Collotte–Philippe’s grandaughter.