Nestled in the heart of the Galilee, adjacent to the beautiful village of Kerem Ben Zimra, Dalton Winery is a gem that derives its excellence from the skills of its people and the natural gifts of its surroundings. Established in 1995 by father and son Mat and Alex Haruni, the two identified the potential of the Upper Galilee, envisioning it as a premium wine producing region. Bringing international winemaking expertise and additional resources to the area, their aim was to help make the region thrive, create new job opportunities and promote tourism.

The Harunis worked alongside local farmers from Kerem Ben-Zimra village (KBZ) and international winemaking consultant, John Worontschak, to produce the winery’s first vintages at a small local facility. Soon enough, these wines achieved great success, and along with an increasing demand for quality Israeli wines, the winery grew at an impressive rate. In 2002, winemaker Naama Sorkin joined the team, leading production from 300,000 bottles to 1,000,000 bottles annually. Recognizing the importance of controlling the quality of grapes grown for our wines, we soon began developing our own vineyards. Managed by the winery’s viticulture department, Dalton Winery now controls and manages 80 hectares (800 dunam/ 200 acres) of vineyards in the Galilee, which provide some of the finest wine grapes in the country. Positioned as a true Estate Winery, this approach enables us to maintain the highest standard of quality and care in every bottle.