Colombo Marsala is available in both Dry and Sweet. An excellent aperitif or dessert wine, Colombo Marsala is a staple in the finest kitchens. Used by professional chefs for its high quality and consistency bottle after bottle, Colombo ensures each dish lives up to its delicious reputation. Colombo Marsala is handcrafted to the exact standards of a centuries-old recipe that begins with harvesting the highest quality Grillo, Inzolia and Catarratto grapes, which are the key ingredient to our wine. Next, a “Mistella,” our special must, is made. This event takes place once per year. Once the “Mistella” is made, select wine brandy is added to fortify the wine and add our pleasant flavor. Next, keeping with our longstanding tradition, the must is blended with the wine in copper kettles over a log fire to create subtle, unique flavor notes for Marsala Dry and Sweet. To enrich the taste, the Colombo Marsala is then stored in Slavonian Oak Barrels for a minimum of 18 months for aging. Once properly aged, the wine is bottled and ready to enjoy!