This is a story of family, farming, and winemaking. Angelo Maggio arrived in Lodi in 1996 immigrating from the Italian Coast of Genova with his wife Louisa. They planted the first cuttings in 1928 on the property of their first ranch home, which laid the foundation for the long, winding journey that culminates in the production powerhouse that is Oak Ridge Winery. Rudy’s three daughters, each wine growers in their own right, now oversee the operations at Oak Ridge Winery, with a focus on hospitality, brand building, and expansion. A multigenerational operation, their vineyards, along with those of their father, account for 2,500 acres throughout the Lodi AVA.

Meaning to display prominently or vividly, Blazon (ˈblāz(ə)n/) proudly showcases the symbiotic nature of wine and oak. Storing, aging and transferring wine in oak barrels imparts both flavors from the wood, as well as improved body and structure. This process inversely affects the barrel; adding the beauty and color of a wine-stained belt. The barrel acts as the vessel and the wine the passenger, both forever changed by their months long journey together.