A company steeped in Italian heritage. Owners Julius and Paul Angelini spent their childhood years in the farming village of San Lorenzo in Campo, within the Marche region of Italy. The family’s third generation, 200 acre farm features 8 specialized acres devoted to vineyards of Sangiovese, Vernaccia (Pergola Rosso) & Merlot.

In 1986, Angelini Wine, Ltd. was founded by Julius and Paul Angelini when they were joined by their longtime friend, Ron Plebiscito. The partners are known for their intimate understanding of the production of premium quality wine. Coupled with hands-on knowledge of the shifting US wine market, Angelini has carved a niche for itself among a very small pool of importer/distributors in the US with thriving vineyards in Europe. The trio makes frequent trips to Italy where they have personal relationships with each producer and visit the vineyards and tour the wine cellars. The partners search continuously for authentic, high-quality wines from around the world including Italy, Spain, France, Argentina, Germany, New Zealand, Oregon and California; as well as sake and plum wines from Japan and hand crafted tequilas from Mexico. You can find Angelini Wine Selections in retail locations and restaurants in more than 14 states within the United States.