Our award winning expressions break the mold of dry, juniper-forward gins, cultivating a kaleidoscope of flavors over a blend of seasonal botanicals. Our philosophy is rooted in radical curiosity, bold experimentation, and love for one-of-a-kind experiences. Brandywine Branch Distillers is a small-batch distillery in Elverson, a little town located in historic Chester County, PA. Founders Don and Scott Avellino grew up locally, helping their father run the family tire and auto company. After the business sold, Don and Scott continued working together, finding their own success as business owners. Driven by their entrepreneurial upbringing and love for craftsmanship, the brothers teamed up again in 2014 to start their second venture together as The Revivalists. Today, homed in a century-old stone barn they affectionately call “The Hippie Barn” for its radical past, the Avellino brothers and their master distillers handcraft The Revivalist Botanical Gin and Resurgent Whiskey. Their portfolio of undoubtedly different, undeniably delicious spirits has garnered recognition on both local and international stages.