Manu is the Maori word for bird. For Steve Bird Wines, the kite represents the standard of excellence we aspire to with our winemaking. We are not only committed to bringing you the best tasting wines but we are committed to continually improving our craft so that our wines are more sustainable, and our business more environmentally responsible.

A traditional Maori art form, the intricate design and making of tukutuku panels were primarily created to adorn the walls of wharenui. We have taken the symbolic design of tukutuku and applied it to every bottle of our Manu wines, referencing our Bird whanau affiliations with Ngati Awa that traces our connectedness with the land for over 800 years. You become part of the Bird whanau and our tukutuku when you gather together with your family and friends, to share food and wine in our same spirit of manaakitanga.