Backed by over 130 years of shared experience in the spirits distribution business, La Maison du Whisky in France and Velier in Italy, have signed a new partnership in May 2017. They join forces through a new company named LM&V, simply a contraction of “La Maison and Velier”, and go from being distributors to producers. LM&V is a joint venture with the goal to be the global distributor of brands opening new perspectives in the world of spirits. LM&V also highlight the exclusive bottlings of LMDW and Velier, bringing together their expertise to create new spirits and innovative products that will inspire the current market. Both protagonists, Luca Gargano from Velier and Thierry Benitah from LMDW, wish to share their skills, their findings and their unique vision of fine spirits. LM&V places itself as a spokesperson for all the adventures that are behind each bottle, with the aim to share the extraordinary and open new perspectives in the spirits world.