The Doc Swinson’s Collection began with an extremely small cache of Bourbon Barrels that were just too good to pass up. It has since grown into a unique and on occasion extremely rare, collection of American whiskies. The proof is in the palate. Each whiskey brought in is personally tasted by the four founders at Doc Swinson’s, Jesse, Steve, Chris, & Keith. If it’s good they will find a place for it in either the Flagship, Exploratory or Rare Release series.

When it comes to finishing techniques, they look to the old-world traditions that have stood the test of time, from Scottish whiskey blenders to the timeless sherry pyramids of the Spanish solera. However, sometimes they stumble upon a whiskey that needs no perfecting and they simply bottle at cask strength.

Whatever whiskey comes through these doors, the small group of tastemakers at Doc’s work hard to create flavor profiles that hold their expectations of great whiskey to a higher standard; and that starts by always letting the whiskey shine.