Julian Peebles and Tory Brown, coworkers turned lifelong friends, shared common ground with each other as men of color. After achieving success in their tech careers, they felt a strong desire to build a legacy, something of their own fruition and creative vision that could be passed onto future generations and other black-owned businesses. Their overall vision: to make a positive impact on the spirits industry by creating a company that takes pride in its representation and diversity.</h4)

On a mission to cultivate artisanal spirits that symbolize the human experience of bonding and forming connections, Julian and Tory founded Common Ground Spirits in 2020.

Located in Berkeley, California, Common Ground Spirits is committed to using local ingredients and partnering with friends and neighbors to build a strong community. They source the ingredients for their Gin expressions from California’s bounty; Gin 01 and Gin 02 both incorporate hand-selected blends of the finest botanicals from their local partners