Ever since it’s foundation in the 19th century, Argentina’s “Gauchos” and European immigrants have been creating strong bonds, both between each other and their land, inhabiting vast territories and building their “Casonas” or “Estancias” in the countryside, where raising cattle was one of the most important activities.“Casa de Campo”, which literally translates as “Country House” was established in Mendoza in 1993 and has been developed in honor to the long dating link among life in the countryside, the terroir and the excellent winemaking. At the beginning, Casa de Campo focused on the local market. Through the years these wines were widespread not only in Argentina but also in the international markets, due to their alluring fruity style, overwhelming varietal character and outstanding value for money. Nowadays, with modern and attractive labeling, the philosophy behind Casa de Campo wine remains the same—to deliver the best quality wines, with impressive varietal character from the most important wine region in Argentina: Mendoza.